Air New Zealand- The Most Perfect Flight Ever

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Dear Reader,

I’ve flown quite a bit. I know my levels of jet lag and, truly, I hate how jet lag cramps my desire to explore (well, as the children will attest, it doesn’t cramp my desire I just fight mightly with that irksome need to sleep). Air New Zealand has nailed that problem. The departure in Los Angeles (9:45) to the arrival 12 hours later (5:30 am) is an absolute dream for me and Little G.

Our seats are across the aisle from one another so it’s just that much more difficult to wake me up if he can’t sleep and thanks to wonderful Dr. Larry Kagan at Westside Pediatrics I learned of all of the benefits, true medical benefits (helps in equalization of the ears, opens up nasal passages, and makes a kid sleepy), of a snuff of Benadryl for kids. I, of course, think 3mg of Lunesta takes the edge off any neighborly snoring or other bodily expulsions for the adult passenger.

After take-off, BB, Little P, Little G and I readied ourselves for beds. The seats, like transformers, flipped over and formed a bed on which a mattress pad and quilt was placed. A shot of Benadryl, a Lunesta, and we were all asleep within 30 minutes of take off. Despite, the New Zealanders (I do believe that we were the only Americans on this flight) having a 3 course meal. I heard nothing.

In the end, I believe I logged a solid nine hours of sleep. NINE HOURS! Oh watch out Auckland, I, in fact have had too much sleep and just like too much caffeine, it is not a good thing. And if the flight crew is any example of how amazingly friendly Kiwi’s are we are going to be having many grand adventures indeed.


10 thoughts on “Air New Zealand- The Most Perfect Flight Ever

  1. So love reading this and i want to head to NZ sometime in my future. Those seats are Amazing! keep updates coming!

    • Thanks Jilly! Sitting in hotel room waiting for room service fools are tired, quiet, and happy. Who could want for more? Xoxo

  2. Air New Zealand is awesome. I love flying with them. I even think the flight attendants are nice. (Which is kinda rare ;-))

    • They are so nice. Shirley on the flight was retiring after 50 years of flying with them- she was 70 and wonderful! I love that anz allowed her to stay I am sure in the states they would have booted her off!

  3. forget the vacation, just give me that plane flight! can i just book a round trip back to back and not get off?

  4. Whoa… Hil on 9 hours sleep? Frightening! So glad you all arrived safe sound and rested! JoJo and I are on the ranch with grandparents, aunts uncles and cousin Jane. yesterday was pedicures, fly fishing, and pizza making. Today we head into Calgary and tomorrow we will be in beautiful Jasper Park. Let’s of love to all you travelers…

    • Melly
      Love to all those fabulous palmers- send photos! Can’t believe you have a teen amongst all those babies. Don’t gloat too much!

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