Packing Light, Packing Right

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Dear Reader,

no joke I feel like if I roll one more jacket, ball up one more pair of socks, or have to find that elusive perfect travel stuffie for a demanding child who can’t find it in his room- I may lock myself in a dark room never to return to the light. I have been packing, it seems, for months what with Big G’s going to camp and our trip to Ireland I have been rolling, zipping, and strapping through many of my waking hours. I have learned that there are a few indispensable items that make this mundane preparation a whole lot easier. So, here they are:

Packing Cubes

With two boys close in age it’s easy to begin to mix up socks, underwear, etc. These cubes are great when unpacking due to touring (such as our Ireland trip) is unadvisable. Big G has orange on this trip and Little G has blue. The guys know the drill and are able to keep their clothes organized using these cubes. Also, going through customs or being checked at security is much easier when clothes are organized.

I actually upgraded to these parachute material bags myself.

The go to packing item for any trip

The go to packing item for any trip

Four Wheel Roller Bag

Now maybe it’s not a necessity, but these bad boys are like the Fred Astaire’s of the luggage world. The kids maneuver them deftly and happily. I have been known to let a bag or two go down ramps watching kids and/or adults careen out of the way of the runaway bag. I would never recommend such a thing, however. I just purchased this bag and was amazed with what I could fit in it.

This bad boy comes in a great green color. I LOVE it. The fellas are using these bags which are smaller, lighter and easier to use

They also serve as a great seat when the tribe is tired. So, I know longer have to wonder what strange staph virus may be entering my child as he sits on the floor of the airport.

Multi-tasking Tumi For Wheeler

Multi-tasking Tumi For Wheeler

Okay, so may I state that the most idenspendsible travel gizmo that I never leave home without is Tripit.  Tripit lets me know when my flights leave, arrive, are delayed.  The app welcomes me to my destination, tells me the terminal of my connecting flight, and remis me that I am leaving (sadly at the age of 47 I now need that).  I love my iCal, NetFlix, and PvZ (anxiously awaiting #2) apps, but Tripit is the first app that would make my life harder not to  have while I was traveling.


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At 6am, we had done it. Four kids, three adults, assorted carry-on items, technology of all manners were in a car effortlessly sailing down the 405 with no traffic and quiet children (I don’t know which was the greater rarity). The packing had gone late last night as I tried feverishly and unsuccessfully to load movies onto the boys new technology. We were all traveling “lite” which means the bags were spring-loaded with the absolute maximum a carry-on could allow. I was tired which probably made the following exchange funnier than it is, but it managed to get a car full of sleepy kids and adults giggling.

“I know a word in Latin” chimed Big G

“Really???” responded a bemused chorus of adults and children

“capahdahdidem” Big G stated proudly

“Do you mean Carpe Diem?” laughed C

“Well, Yeah” Big G announced “that’s what I said”

“Latin’s a dead language” announced Squeak

And I contend that with Big G is becoming the Jack Kevorkian of this ancient language gently morphing it into obscurity.

So, here’s to the beginning of another adventure and let’s all remember to Capahdadidem.