Auckland Rocks- Day 1

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Morning showers cleared to brings about a gorgeous day

Morning showers cleared to bring about a gorgeous day

Gentle Reader,

hold on to your woollies, but it is Winter here in The Friendliest Place on Earth (a.k.a. New Zealand).  This morning after a fab breakfast at Hotel DeBrett and a tête-à-tête about our itinerary with lovely Roberta ,at the front desk, we embarked on a walking-non-jet lag-thinking-self guided-tour of the city. Here are our recs with kids:

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Air New Zealand- The Most Perfect Flight Ever

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Dear Reader,

I’ve flown quite a bit. I know my levels of jet lag and, truly, I hate how jet lag cramps my desire to explore (well, as the children will attest, it doesn’t cramp my desire I just fight mightly with that irksome need to sleep). Air New Zealand has nailed that problem. The departure in Los Angeles (9:45) to the arrival 12 hours later (5:30 am) is an absolute dream for me and Little G.
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