Nikon Re-Estimate AKA I Don’t Heart Nikon Anymore

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Yes Gentle Reader,

the unexpected should always be expected.  I just didn’t think after receiving notification that my Nikon was covered under warranty as was the battery- that a “Re-Estimate” would occur stating that NOTHING was covered and that I would have to pay $341.84 in order to get the camera into working order.

Nikon Invoice


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I Heart Nikon

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Yes, Dear Reader, there is a company that prides itself on customer satisfaction.  The Nikon 1AW1 is being repaired/replaced along with the battery which in fact isn’t covered under warranty.  My love of Nikon has bloomed and grown again.  Here is some amazing footage that the Nikon took before she died.

Nikon AW1: One time lemon or just rotten?

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Evidence of water damage from a leak in the Nikon AW1 casing.

Evidence of water damage from a leak in the Nikon AW1 casing.


Nikon AW1 after two uses will be returned due to leaking case.

Dear Reader,

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