Ready, Set, RV

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The first trip… Nine days in an RV with my pal and right hand friend affectionately known as Brown Bear (more on that later).  We are bringing our respective children, of course, and as my family’s very first foray into mobile living we have rented a Class C Motorhome – Cabover Style FS31 Slide-out RV – El Monte R.  Originally, we had rented a Class A 31 foot RV, but we are leaving from Los Angeles and returning this sucker in Las Vegas (no one wants to drive back through the desert) then flying home.  I was a bit upset that we weren’t going in ultimate luxury but after Brown Bear (BB) stated that we actually had two pop-outs instead of just one and that

“It’s an RV, Hilary.  It’s not about luxury”

I conceded that she had a point…   We are four days from leaving and the planning and list making is in full swing.  The itinerary is set, some hotel reservations have been made (yes, hot showers that don’t require quarters are sometimes a necessity) and the kids are almost out on vacation.  So, three boys and two friends are about to take their kids on an epic adventure.  We will have visitors along the way and look forward to meeting new and seeing old friends.