Australia 2014

Soooo.  I just booked this trip.  I planned none of it.  I saw the advertisement through Exclusive Resorts, paid my money and the rest was done for completely.  Truth be told, I prefer planning vacations as I tend to research where I am going more.  I think also having more invested in the planning process prior to leaving allows you to become well-versed on where you will be going and how you are getting there.  When I come across and amazing planned trip such as an ER or any other trip (except for cruises, Dear Reader, I am 48 years old and can finally let the world know that I am not cruise worthy.  I get the appeal- you and your stuff including kids are delivered from port to port without lifting a finger and with lots and lots of food to keep you happy- it’s just not me, at all) I get completely enthralled with the glossy pictures, the adventurous prose and and then the daydreams begin.    Once I get to the daydream stage, the credit card has been drawn and I am locked into going somewhere I have never been.

And that is exactly the process that occurred with the below itinerary


July 10

Daintree National Park at the Silky Oaks Lodge

July 11

Daintree National Park at the Silky Oaks Lodge– go with a guide from the Kuku Yalanji tribe and learn about their ancestral home in Daintree and Bloomfield

July 12

Cruise of the Daintree River followed by a tour of the rainforest and visit to the Botanical Ark- a private ethno-botanical garden in the heart of the rainforest with Alan Carle.

July 13

Transfer to the Hayman Island Resort

July 14

Hayman Island Resort

July 15

Hayman Island Resort

July 16

Explore the Rocks District of Sydney and eat in Sydney- stay Park Hyatt Sydney

July 17

Sailing experience on Rushcutters Bay

July 18

Climb to the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge

July 19

Return Home


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