Nikon Re-Estimate AKA I Don’t Heart Nikon Anymore

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Yes Gentle Reader,

the unexpected should always be expected.  I just didn’t think after receiving notification that my Nikon was covered under warranty as was the battery- that a “Re-Estimate” would occur stating that NOTHING was covered and that I would have to pay $341.84 in order to get the camera into working order.

Nikon Invoice


I’m not sure who the tool is in customer service who came up with the brilliant idea to reevaluate the damage to my camera, but I find the company to be disorganized at best and untrustworthy at worst.  My option is only to pay the fee as the repair cost is almost exactly half the cost of the camera.  I worry that the camera will never be fully functional and am preparing myself to try and have the company make good on their worthless warranty.

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