Travel Bud: Squeak

The X-Files had the mysterious and nefarious “smoking man” who sometimes aided the heroes of the show and, at other moments, threw the hero’s into lethal situations without regard of the duo’s safety. The long and short of the Smoking Man’s modus operandi was that you were never quite clear if he was friend or foe, boss or underling, essentially he was an enigma.

Introducing our next travel buddy Squeak who is lovingly known as the Sleeping Man. Squeak is tired and will sleep at interesting moments, he also loves his Words With Friends (go ahead and invite Bing1238 to a match, I dare you). We are not quite sure why Squeak sleeps so much but he is an low maintenance traveller who can be happy napping in the sun, on the beach, in the car, in the movies, or sleeping in a restaurant.


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