I love tips.  I love learning from the many mistakes and fortunate happenstances that I make whether it’s packing too much or not enough, forgetting to check the weather, or running into a really great bakery.  I will not ever review something that I don’t have personal knowledge of and I will not review something for financial gain.  All the photo’s are mine and I have been to all of the places in this blog.  So put your mind at ease and enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Reviews

      • Sugar, You have said goodbye to YPRVP and now you are on your way to Vegas. Are you sick of each other and RV living yet? Erin, P and G1 look great but you and G2 look and sound sick. Take care and get
        ready to party.
        Love you,

      • Feeling so much better thanks to wonderful m h Biscow and the powers of zpac!
        In Tahoe- so gorgeous- staying for three nights then white knuckling it to Vegas! Gonna try to pick Neil up in the rv!

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