Who is BB?

BB or Brown Bear is my fearless traveling companion who never says,

“Hilary, we can’t”  or  “I’m nervous” or “this is stupid”

rather she’s game (and lucky for me I have many people like this in my life).  However, I am including her first as she is the first traveler since starting this blog.  BB gained her name after a 4 day, high sierra backpack with two other pals and 3 unsuspecting strangers and a guide.  We hiked for miles with heavy packs and encountered some unexpected weather conditions (think massive snowpack and solar composting toilets) and during those long hikes we allowed BB to take center stage.  She became The Mr. Bill (Mr. Bill Safety – YouTube) of our conversation.  Headlamp (more on her later), Lancome (much more on her later) and I would discuss if we dressed E up in a bear costume and placed her on the highway; how long would she last dodging traffic as in Frogger (Frogger – YouTube).  We laughed with the gusto of overly tired and punchy teenagers.   Then, the idea of wrapping her in bubblewrap and sending off a waterfall sent us into hysterics (it may have been the altitude, but I tend to doubt it) and we finished our hike wondering how much bubblewrap would keep BB just safe enough?  What type of tape would be necessary to keep her buoyant enough?  And how could we assure that there would be no “life threatening” injuries?   You get the picture- we made it to Yosemite Valley with these ideas being foremost in our minds.  The trip was a great success and the stories (if perhaps embellished) continue to this day.  So, when Headlamp called me a few months ago and said

“Hilary Happy National Bubblewrap Day”

I was overjoyed and had to celebrate.  Luckily, BB and gang were willing to celebrate.  The following video shows the willingness and nuttiness of friends who have spent too much time with 60 lbs packs on their backs.


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