Auckland Rocks- Day 1

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Morning showers cleared to brings about a gorgeous day

Morning showers cleared to bring about a gorgeous day

Gentle Reader,

hold on to your woollies, but it is Winter here in The Friendliest Place on Earth (a.k.a. New Zealand).  This morning after a fab breakfast at Hotel DeBrett and a tête-à-tête about our itinerary with lovely Roberta ,at the front desk, we embarked on a walking-non-jet lag-thinking-self guided-tour of the city. Here are our recs with kids:

1. Hit the aquarium
Kelly Tarlatons
The penguins rock- ’nuff said


Penguins take the center stage!

As for the moon jellies???


Moon Jelly Glory

And as for sea horses and scorpion fish?


Amazing Moving Walkway Shark Tank


Stingray Smile


Grumpy Scorpion Fish

Then a coffee break


Auckland Latte vs Los Angeles Latte? Auckland all the way… Their dairy is superior… Sorry California…


Brown Bear Fighting Jetlag.

Then the Auckland Maritime Museum


Beautiful New Zealand Maritime Museum

Such an interesting exhibit on immigration and real time stories


An Amazing Immigration Letter Posted in the Maritime Musem

Reminding us all of the importance of place.
Then to the fish market


Auckland Fish Market


Auckland Fish Market


HAY-UGE Lobsters (Kiwi’s call ’em Crayfish)

Then finally, home, with for a board game and sleep


Jetlag thwarted… Thanks Balderdash!

A great day in Auckland!

6 thoughts on “Auckland Rocks- Day 1

  1. Wow. BB is concentrating really hard in that coffee shop. Would love to know what the decision was about. Loved today, what are “we” doing tomorrow? Can’t wait.

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