Selfie with Stilt Lady at Luna Park in Sydney, Australia.

Selfie with Stilt Lady at Luna Park in Sydney, Australia.

What’s  a mom of two boys and a working psychologist doing writing a travel blog?  I’m not sure, but travel is my greatest joy (right after my family and friends, of course).  The need to explore and have adventures is hard wired, genetically coded into my DNA.  Sure, I love and am so grateful for my home; however, as with good parenting, my home is stable and grounded  allowing me the luxury of wanderlust- the desire to leave the stability in order to learn and grow (the boys are going to leave eventually, right?).   This blog is the chronicle of my travels with my family and friends.  Hopefully, I now will actually do something with the photos that I take and the journals that I partially start- this blog and you, my dear reader, are my motivation.  So thank you, thank you for reading what you can, commenting liberally, and not correcting my kid’s spelling if they post as well (dyslexia allows them an automatic bye on the spelling front).

Happy Travels,


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  1. Send pictures of everything. You have been gone for 7 hrs. I want an update on the driver and her
    condition. Has this trip become a NIGHTMARE yet. Has the RV overheated yet? Your telephone is not
    picking up.

    • Mom,
      All good here just made a quick stop in Fresno to get Big G shoes as he no longer fits in mine. It’s hot but the rv is humming along. The kids are wondering why they can’t go to school in one of these and the driver is still pleasant and in good spirits!

    • Mom,
      Trip still great except that the G’s and I are now all on antibiotics- -altitude and respiratory infections are pals so getting rid of this pesky cough is tough for all. The problem is that we are all also laughing so hard much of the time it can bring on the coughing- not a bad thing ultimately. We are in Bridgeport now going to Bode ghost town and mono lake today as it is our last required night in the rv… Would I do it again? In a second.


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