Addios, Amigo!

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You leave it in the room?  Then Mom gets to repack it...

You leave it in the room? Then Mom gets to repack it….

Dear Reader,

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I rely on technology with the kids to get through long plane flights, car drives, and needing peace and quiet (these are not my best parenting moments).  However, the removal of technology, the wrenching it from grasping hands and whining voices is a byproduct I almost can’t bear.  I reached my limit in the Whitsunday Islands, Dear Reader.  I was done.    Yes, it required the child who forgot to pack his technology (Big G) to make the long, long walk back to the room to extract his technology from the refuse, but I had done the majority of packing and required backpacks to be self-packed.  Guaranteed, Dear Reader, that the same mistake will not be made twice

5 thoughts on “Addios, Amigo!

  1. Too funny. How long do you think it would have taken for you to replace it if he had not gone back for it?

    • It would have been back in the US with his own doggone money! Not too many Apple Stores in Australia (not that I’ve been looking!).

      • GREAT answer! Funny how an allowance teaches responsibility as well as independence. 🙂 Our girls is indeed far more careful with the things she buys with her allowance.

    • It was either the trash can or the discus throw off the balcony. I think I opted for the more mature response.

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