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At 6am, we had done it. Four kids, three adults, assorted carry-on items, technology of all manners were in a car effortlessly sailing down the 405 with no traffic and quiet children (I don’t know which was the greater rarity). The packing had gone late last night as I tried feverishly and unsuccessfully to load movies onto the boys new technology. We were all traveling “lite” which means the bags were spring-loaded with the absolute maximum a carry-on could allow. I was tired which probably made the following exchange funnier than it is, but it managed to get a car full of sleepy kids and adults giggling.

“I know a word in Latin” chimed Big G

“Really???” responded a bemused chorus of adults and children

“capahdahdidem” Big G stated proudly

“Do you mean Carpe Diem?” laughed C

“Well, Yeah” Big G announced “that’s what I said”

“Latin’s a dead language” announced Squeak

And I contend that with Big G is becoming the Jack Kevorkian of this ancient language gently morphing it into obscurity.

So, here’s to the beginning of another adventure and let’s all remember to Capahdadidem.

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