Crushing the Candy Crush or Not?

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Dear Reader,

who knew I was in such good company?  A friend, who shall remain nameless, read my last post and replied via email the following:

Good morning.  As I sit at my desk at 7:30am (when I don’t need to be here a minute before 8am)… I will make an admission.  I am here to play Candy Crush – alone – with no interruptions.  I must exit my facebook screen at 8am, when the day officially gets started…  But then anxiously look forward to my mid morning bowel movement, when I take my iphone and resume play on the ceramic throne.  I, too, am a candy crush addict.  Perhaps Sept. 9th is also a good day to delete.  But not today. X

So, while I do feel a bit better about myself- I am deciding whom I should invite to her intervention.  I also am so grateful to have such funny and “regular” friends.

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