Hello Killarney!

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Day 3- Killarney

So Gentle Reader,

With a long Day Two behind us, we hooked our train to Exclusive Resorts Once in a Lifetime tour.  Exclusive Resorts (ER)Luxury Vacations, Residences & Travel Destinations | Exclusive Resorts is not a cheap option, but as one recent tour goer explained- it’s the Four Seasons of tours.  On a Once in Lifetime trip, all I really need is my passport and a couple of credit cards and my kids- ER would figure out how to make me whole on arrival.

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Dublin, Part 2 or I Need a Space Cushion

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Dublin, Part 2

After a delicious breakfast, we walked across the street (remember to look both directions) to the Dublin Palace. Essentially, the Dublin Palace was the White House for Centuries. Under the castle, is the old castle from the date when Dublin was a walled city. This palace is a terrific place to begin understanding Dublin’s long and elaborate history. Continue reading