Where did she go?

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Luckliy, the beaches in California are minutes away and almost like traveling.

Luckliy, the beaches in California are minutes away and almost like traveling.

I disappeared.  I know, Dear Reader, it’s true.  I did.  Honestly, at the end of last summer filled with epic vacations, I think I grew more depressed than my kids at the beginning  of school.   I know routine is important.  I know that school is important.  I know that playdates are important.  But these things cannot coexist with epic vacations.  Although, Dear Reader, I did jet off to India in November and did not write about it at all.  Internet was spotty and there was so much to see and ponder that the best I could to was put together one AMAZING (you hear that horn I am blowing) photo book through Blurb.  I think I am more giddy than my kids with school and the proximity of the last day of school.  Thrilled to be kissing math homework, reusable lunches,  and parent committee meetings “goodbye” and saying hello to another summer of epic travel…

Where are we going and when can we go?  Great questions, Dear Reader.

Here is the schedule so far

Beginning of June: a house in Oxnard, California more on Oxnard later

July 1-19:  New Zealand and Australia

August 3-16: 13 days backpacking the John Muir Trail (the fellas are at camp)

I am giddy with excitement and look forward to the bonding time with my family and friends.

So, I’m back and ready to go!  Am looking for help with New Zealand as it is the DIY part of our vacation.  Need to secure lodging and things to do in Auckland.


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  1. You are funny… don’t have a lot of suggestions for NZ.. find some hostels ☺!

    Jill Newhouse Calcaterra/Cinedigm
    o) 424-281-5417
    c) 310-466-5135

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