Technology Tragedy at 31,000 Feet

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The flights commenced without a hitch. We had a slight delay in JFK, but Tripit (please see reviews) let us know far in advance of American Airlines and we stayed happily ensconced in the Admirals club. We boarded the flight from JFK to Dublin and were off without incident. I was sitting with Little G, Big G and P were sitting in front of us and Squeak was to the right of the two fellas. BB and her man-child (14 yo, lovely guy named C) were in the back of the plane with the rest of the sardines having not been able to acquire an upgrade. I settled in my seat with the steely focus and resolve of accumulating as much sleep as quickly as possible. The flight to Dublin was only 6 hours and we were to be landing early in the AM.

As a surprise for the G’s, I had purchased new iPad mini’s for them. My rationale was truly a selfish one- we had layovers and long flights and the movies that can be placed on one of those impressive machines put the AMC Megaplex movie theaters to shame. The movies made the G’s happy which in turn made my world a peaceful one- it’s a pick your battle sort of moment and the G’s won this skirmish.

So, there we were. Little G promising me that he was going to sleep after he ate dinner (which he did), P and Big G using “please and thank you’s” in front of me and Squeak flanking the fellas having visual confirmation of their movement. I went to sleep. A lovely sleep thanks to the help of the Bose Noise canceling head phones I kept on- really they are the Fort Knox of quiet (screaming babies, airplane carts, Squeak’s snoring) nothing get’s in. I was out. So imagine my surprise when I was forcefully pushed awake by Big G and Squeak. Bleary-eyed, I focused on a sputtering, confused and dying iPad mini that was valiantly trying to reboot despite it’s cracked screen and exposed componentry. Big G’s tears and incessant looping request to find the Apple Store in Dublin required immediate action. After Big G, told me how he had accidentally lowered his footrest onto the helpless mini and had calmed down somewhat, I said that while I understand how disappointing the loss of the machine was and how the accident was just that, an accident that there was an important lesson to be learned which was

“if you don’t take care of your things and be mindful of where you have placed things- accidents happen”


“we are not in Ireland to be on technology”

Case closed. End of story. Battle chosen and won. Score one for the parents.


Little G modeling the hypnotic power of the iPad mini

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