TimTim, I don’t understand you…

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So, Big G has been obsessed, nay overtaken by a love of sheep. His brother and pal P attribute this “sheep amour” to his favorite, mind-numbing video game “Minecraft”(which makes me like the whole thing a lot less)…. While I could go on about my dislike of video games, I will spare you, Dear Reader, as you are not reading to learn about my soapbox moment. Regardless,
Big G has created an imaginary world in which TimTim a magical sheep who likes “thumpin’ music” and can save the universe through different machinations of wool and ingenuity has adventures big and small. The stories are daily and anticipated (notice the word eagerly has been cleverly omitted here). So, when today on the way to Bodie Ghost Townhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bodie,_California we ran into a flock of sheep, you can understand how and why the following was created.