Summer, Summer, Summer… It Turns Me Upside Down.

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Finally, you are here. I’ve been waiting. You’ve been flirting with me too. A three-day weekend in late May was sexier than that wink from a stranger across the bar but you’ve been holding out keeping me hungry and interested. You’ve ramped up all of those last minute school assignments and volunteer “opportunities” (I think I have the word “yes” stamped across my forehead) as if to really make sure that I want out of this school routine.   The schedule has been a steadily increasing stream of work, kids and volunteering so much so that my 5am Orange Theory Fitness Class seems like the most relaxing part of my day (and that isn’t right). I am ready for it to stop.

This summer will also be a departure from departures.   The kids put their collective feet down and said they wanted to stay in one place (are you kidding me?) and just chill for the summer (of course, a month later they were asking about a safari in Africa) but the “stay”cation was already in place.   We will be spending a great deal of time in a much, overlooked and beautifully under-populated beach between Malibu and Santa Barbara called Oxnard.   Oxnard is like the old Southern California beach towns sleepy and mellow but with a great blend of cultural diversity that both Malibu and Santa Barbara miss out on because of the wealth. So, Dear Reader, prepare for the in-depth coverage of Oxnard and its wonderful beach community.

DSC_0843DSC_0090IMG_2666Random Horseback Riding Occurs in OxnardDogs Playing in the Early MorningDSC_0160

Of course, there are a few trips planned; a trip to Boston to take my oldest to summer camp and another trek around California after both kids go to camp, but other than these two departures it’s a passport-stampless summer. The first one in a long while, but perhaps that difference bodes well Winter Break (it’s the best time to go on Safari after all).