Looking for the Griswolds? They’re Waiting for You at Yosemite Pines RV Resort

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Dear Reader,
I understand that the following cinematic reference may be before or after your generation, but Chevy Chase (early years and before finding out what a sexist he was) as Clark W. Griswold was some of the most brilliant comic screen time I can remember (although Cousin Rick would vote for Chevy’s role in Fletch which was granted funnier but less nuanced than his role in Vacation) just for reference’s sake, I offer you the following trailer.

Now that we are clear about who Clark W Griswold is you may come to understand the Yosemite Pines RV Resort as a full service destination for the contemporary Clark W Griswold. There was a modern day “hay ride” picture a John Deere pulling a flat bed and folks jumping on or off from the convenience of their RV, there was a petting zoo with a couple goats, and there was we were told “a very well attended marshmallow roast” every evening. The showers were clean but serviced many folks so keep those shower shoes on your feet! The owners were incredibly nice and we had no close neighbors (they can really pack ‘em in). We came to understand that there were long term vacation owners in this park and a history of repeat customers which must mean they’re doing something right. Our night YPRVR was quiet, clean, and quick! Here’s a some video for greater detail.