I Like Trees… Big, Green Trees…

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Oh Dear Reader,

please give me but a second of time for a background story. Last Summer, while on yet another road trip with the famous (now infamous?) BB, we were driving though a lush Oregonian coastal forest when BB said

“I like trees, big, green trees” that was it.

That statement punctuated a thirty minute, well-deserved round of silence (perhaps after yelling at some semblance of three kids- this time two of hers and one of mine- for an end to bickering and a bit of peace). The car was silent after the comment and I was left to my thoughts considering was BB being profound or something other than profound. After another 15 minutes of silence, the kids and I began to discuss the import of BB’s statement and within a few minutes we were all rolling with laughter deciding the comment was far north of profound.

Cut to the present day. Sequoia has the General Sherman Tree the largest and second tallest tree in the world and it’s 2200 years old. We had to see it and to be honest it is incredibly impressive. BB seemed to have a transcendent moment and commented on the hike up.

“I like trees. They provide shade”

Profound or not? You, Dear Reader, can decide.






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