R2 8th Grade Graduation

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So, the day before leaving on my RV journey, I had the honor of attending my niece’s 8th grade graduation.  I can’t believe I have a niece who is about to graduate the 8th grade.  I remember holding my brother’s first daughter in my arms as her  babysitter.  That evening, I had brought along my good friend Mike to give me, a childless-30-something-year-old, the strength and support in the face of having no idea what to do with a newborn.  R2 was a cherub, when we arrived.  She was cooing and giggling and Mike and I felt on top of the world and sure that we could handle anything young R could throw at us.  Before leaving for her dinner,  K (R’s mom) gave us her her cell phone number and she was off.  The door shut and R2 began to scream… No, Dear Reader, she began to wail…  Mike and I passed her around like a hot potato, sweating through deep knee bends and verses of “Old McDonald.”  We moved her legs as if she was bike riding to relieve any pressure and we broke under the pressure and yelled at one another.  We called in our lifeline to K, but she had no cell phone reception.  So, we were left to our own devices.  I’m not sure what happened at the end of the evening but it ended with R not being permanently harmed.   I was so concerned then and I am amazed that the love that I felt for this beautiful baby continues to this day.  I feel so grateful for such a wonderful soon to be 9th grade spirit in my life.  She is constant joy.

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